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Agile is mainstream.
We're not.

Our Agile expertise goes beyond software development. We partner with our clients to transform their entire organisation.

We’re industry-savvy professionals with a unique blend of real-world business expertise spanning product development, sales and operations.


From the C-Suite to the intern, we show you

your business through a fresh lens and inject practical know-how into your teams. 

Each of our client's journeys is unique. To support you in taking the next step, we assess your current maturity as a starting point and provide a tailored blend of services that are perfect for you. 

Scrum Team
Agile Coach at work

Discover our industry expertise

Industry Expertise

There's nothing we haven't seen before

Quantum of Value has a proven track record across a diverse range of industry sectors including high-performance computing, investment enterprises, government, publishing, marine technology, drone technology, professional services, education & research, utilities, global retailers and financial services.

But there's nothing out of the box

We're quick to understand your unique challenges, then we plan and execute bespoke solutions.

Cross-industry Expertise








Meet the Leadership Team

Meet the Team

Josef Bacher


Josef's background in business and psychology coupled with his ability to cut through complexity gives him a clear perspective on what and how to deliver great products.

As a Strategy Director for BMW Consulting and a
VP for Gartner’s Financial Services, he truly learned and practised the aggregation of marginal gains.


Josef’s deep insights gleaned over extensive consulting engagements gave rise to the creation of Performalise, which translates the idea of marginal gains into practice!

Josef Bacher Profile

Allison Bacher

allison Passport 2.jpg


Allison has a strong track record of delivering results in challenging environments.


She was the award-winning Solution Director behind the launch of Gartner’s UK Public Sector services, held senior roles at analyst firms and successfully led teams at the Financial Times as they transitioned to commercial digital content licences. 


Her extensive experience in delivering results with both Sales and Agile teams gives her a unique insight into what’s really important, and how to unite the organisation to focus on results.


Her motto – it’s all about people!

Sam O'Connell


An earlier career managing teams in the legal industry means Sam really understands the importance of attention to detail.


Now a Professional Scrum Master with over 5-years of experience coaching teams at Quantum of Value, Sam is passionate about supporting teams in their Agile journey and embedding processes that improve predictability and reduce time-to-market.

Sam is passionate about Strategic Goals, measuring market value & organisational capability and working with organisations to improve the value they deliver to their customers.


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