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Agile Consulting

All of our Agile consulting can be delivered virtually

Need an Agile transformation strategy? Hands-on support to create new practises and re-align the organisation? From the CEO to the intern, we're with you every step of the way, giving you the tools to unlock your organisation’s potential.


From diagnosing weaknesses to designing measurable solutions, executive coaching to embedded Scrum Masters and Product Owners, we know how to unleash creativity and shorten time to market without compromising on quality. We help you create great products by doing the right things right.

Agile Health Check

Visualise the status of your Agile working practices and see where exactly your team can improve. Gain assurance as we highlight potential gaps, prioritise next steps and help you navigate the way forward.

High Performing Teams

Understand what a high performing team is:  create, measure and lead teams to deliver even better products and services.

Embedded Coaching

Leverage Agile experience and navigate pitfalls, to achieve the best results.  Our Coaches have deep, practical expertise in their fields, so you grow your teams’ capability faster.

Intelligent Metrics

Go beyond high-level, backward looking vanity metrics to leading indicators, so you can make better informed decisions.


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