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Founded in 2011, Quantum of Value works with ambitious organisations to drive their Agile transformation journeys. Each has its unique path and success story.


Our expertise is so much broader than team-level Agile for software developers. We help you set the route for the organisation’s transformation journey across Sales, Product, Development, Implementation and Support so your organisation grows together.


We’re not just theorists - we get involved, coaching people in “how to” and helping people to build new muscle memory and establish better ways of working.

Scrum Seminar
Training Workshop from Home
Sprint Review Guide
Scrumban Guide
4-Stage Refinement Guide
How to make Prioritisation Decisions Guide
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Since 2011 we have embedded Agile across...



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Agile Transformation

Learn how we embed Agile across your organisation


Explore new skills, deepen existing knowledge, and get inspired by our workshops.

Coaching & Consulting

Learn how our coaching and consulting can help your teams accelerate

Agile Transformation

Agile Transfomaton

Agile doesn’t just happen. It takes experienced practitioners to embed the necessary changes

Our team's industry expertise means transitioning to Agile has never been easier. Sure, we come with a Playbook and toolkit–but it’s our extensive experience of leadership and team development that really helps you embed it in your organisation. 


​Together we build ownership and autonomy amongst teams so you can continue to apply agile effectively after our exit.


Discover how we can get started with your teams or the whole enterprise.

Agile Transformation

Enterprise Agile

Enterprise Agile Transformation needs a simultaneous top-down and bottom-up approach across the organisation. We coach and support leaders and teams across the business to adopt and embrace Agile that’s focused on what’s important - results.

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Team Level Agile

Team transformation needs a solid, aligned understanding of Agile and what good looks like. Training courses are a crucial part of the solution, to align everyone on “what” they will do. Coaching and our extensive Knowledge Pills help them with the “how-to”.

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Agile Training

Agile Training
Agile & Scrum Training Workshop

For over a decade our suite of workshops has been transforming organisations globally

Trust Quantum of Value to help build skills and knowledge through our flexible training options, real-world content and validation of skills through industry-recognised certifications.


Our workshops are delivered by Consultants with a wealth of practical business agility experience, drawing on group discussion and case study-based immersive exercises.


Individuals and teams learn through content tailored for your challenges, projects and environment. Maximize your team’s skills and the impact of your organisation’s Agile transformation.


Our suite of workshops can be tailored to your unique environment. All workshops are broken down into modules and can be split over multiple sessions so you and your team can learn without putting deliverables on hold.

Quantum of Value's Training Workshops

Agile Introduction for Executives

For Senior Executives to understand the relevance of Agile for the wider enterprise

Practical Application of Scrum for Teams

Provides a solid and practical insight into how Scrum works

Preparing for Professional Scrum Master 1 (Certified)

Gain a clear understanding of Scrum and the knowledge to take the PSM1 certification

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The Foundations of Agile & Scrum

Explore Agile from its most introductory point with insights into the principles

Practical Application of Kanban for Teams

Everything you need to know to get started with Kanban within your teams

Preparing for Professional Scrum Master 2 (Certified)

Learn advanced techniques and the knowledge to take the PSM2 certification

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Managing Projects with Agile

For traditional PM to understand what Agile is and what it means for them

How to Write effective User Stories

Learn what User Stories are and the best practice for writing effective stories

Preparing for Professional Product Owner (Certified)

Understand the Product Owner role and the knowledge to take the PSPO1 certification

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Move your Agile transformation forward

Our suite of workshops can be delivered virtually or on-site, wherever you are in the world. Speak to us today to get started.

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Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Changing mindsets to transform processes

Consultants and Coaches vary across the industry. Quite simply, we help you and your teams get from where you are today to where you want to be. 


Consulting - we bring our knowledge and experience to solve your particular challenge. We diagnose a problem and make recommendations. Then we provide tools, frameworks, subject matter expertise and solutions to address the specific situation.


Coaching - we bring our knowledge and experience to your team, keep you focused on the goal and help you choose and use the right tools at the right time. We ask thought-provoking questions, and help explore situations pointing out solutions you may not have seen alone. We gradually transfer our experience to you, building your own muscle memory for each challenge.


The important thing is that we know when to Consult and when to Coach, transferring knowledge, skills and confidence so you can stop walking and start sprinting.

Agile Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

For lasting Agile Transformation, a simultaneous top-down and bottom-up approach is how we implement lasting ways of working across your organisation. We coach and support leaders and teams across the business to adopt and embrace Agile, optimising your operating model.

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Chief Operating Officer

Expect more from your Agile Consultants

"Our business is seeing massive impacts since engaging Quantum of Value. For example, our support functions have seen a 58% decrease in outstanding tickets just from you improving our processes."

Chief Operating Officer

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